After finding myself traveling for several months a year, I always tend to go back to my “secret” retreat where I truly feel at home. With both horses and beautiful beaches on location, it is my playground when it comes to creating photos.  This is also a place where I hold some of my equine photography workshops.  A very special location where the sun sets right above the sea, where different colours surprise us every single evening.  Sunsets in Uruguay are believed to be one of the most beautiful ones in the world and it is a local tradition for people to clap their hands when a special sunset occurs, as a way of expressing gratitude for such spectacular views and greeting the sun until the following morning.

In La Baguala I like to take “Clarita” to different locations, where I can choose the beach as my favourite place to portray her.. or get into the woods to go riding for an hour or two, to unwind and relax.

One of my favourite locations for this time of the year.

Playing with black and while waiting for the sun to go down.

“Rumba” bonding with my friend Martín, who is really good at taming horses and communicating with them.


Getting ready with Clarita at the beach.

Some beach textures.