Iceland has been on my bucket list for destinations within the last few years, until I finally made it in Summer 2018.  It is one of the richest natural sceneries I have gotten to witness so far, where shapes and colours are absolutely breathtaking.  There seems to be a perfect balance between roughness and a subtle beauty within their endless landscapes.  And of course the wonderful ponies that have been living on the Island for over a thousand years have really made my trip and were the main reason for me to visit.  They seem to love people and have the happiest vibes I have ever seen in horses so far.  They love human beings so much.. that it makes it a little difficult to photograph them, as they come running towards you while your perfect shot is gone before you know it!


The highlands filled with lupins… a reminder that it is Summertime in Iceland!

A white pony on a rainy afternoon up in the highlands.

A bunch of chestnuts playing cool in front of the camera, during that same rainy afternoon.

A buddies hug.

Hanging out together.

Horses playing rough in the mountains over their vast lupin fields.

Portrait of a horse.

On one of our road stops, photographing some ponies while waiting for the Summer Solstice Midnight Sun.

A horse silhouette under the Midnight Sun – Summer Solstice 2018.

My friend Richard with an Icelandic pony.