If there is a place in the world where I feel like living in my absolute dreamland, that is the beautiful Camargue in the South of France. Having been brought up surrounded by grey horses, I pretty much dream with them every single day. So seeing herds of white horses everywhere I look feels like a blessing.. and when horses gallop over their sloppy shallow wetlands, it becomes evident the power and strength these animals have. The wet clayey soil turns into seriously heavy mud in this region of the world but horses gallop through it with such graceful movements, as if they were running over trimmed grass. So it is a real beauty to see them not only in action, but also grazing together in small herds in their natural habitats. They are one of the most ancient breeds in the world and are believed to go back to Paleolithic times, which becomes pretty evident to me when I look at their body lines and watch their extremely detailed body language expressions. Below are a few photos that I randomly picked from my trips to the Camargue.

Photographing a young herd out in the countryside.

Starting the day at sunrise.. with both cameras in hand so I don’t miss a shot. I actually have no idea how adrenaline makes me hold both cameras this way, holing my 300mm under my arm while taking pics with the 200mm!

A coral sunrise.

Riding out in the marshes. It´s really amazing to feel these horses strength from above, galloping over clayey mud and shallow waters.

Full speed over the marshes.

A couple of friends sniffing each other after a morning gallop.

And this is how you get the job done!

Fueling up at breakfast with my friend Richard

Misty sunrises on the road